Thursday, November 18, 2010



Once more I have tried to have a blog, and completely failed at keeping up with it. I cannot possibly catch up with everything that has happened, but I will attempt to make a short list of the highlights.

September 6th - First day at London College of Communication

September 20th - Heath and Kate's 1 year "know-a-versary". We met a year ago at Oktoberfest. We had a nice skype date with mini bottles of champagne.

October - Applied to many, many jobs at EAT, Pret-A-Manger, Topshop, The Body Shop, ASOS, Harrods, etc...

November 3rd - My first interview at Harrods.

November 4th - HR from Harrods calls me while I'm on the Tube to invite me back for a second interview. I freak out.

November 5th - Second interview. They call me that afternoon to say I have the job and to come for training the next Wednesday.

November 10th - Harrods training day 1.

November 11th - Was supposed to be Harrods training day 2, but I lost my wallet in the Westminster Tube station bathroom on the way to work. When I went back it was gone. It got turned in later that day at a Natwest bank on Oxford St. Minus the 400 pounds in cash that were in it. Bad day.

November 12th - Harrods training day 2.

November 13th - First shift at The Diner in Harrods. Its hectic, fast-paced, and I love it. Tips aren't too shabby either.

I've had 6 photo projects for school, with the last two for the semester being assigned this week. I've made some wonderful friends.

Mia got a kitten.

I bought a Pentax manual film camera. I've become addicted to prawn crackers, milky tea, and crumpets. I am adept at navigating the Tube system. I have a job - at Harrods!!

I've visited Leicester, Southend-on-Sea, and Stroud, and hope to make many more trips around the UK whilst I'm here.

I'm taking a ballet class.

Kaylin visited me in London;

Mom visited me in London.

I introduced England to the dirndl for Halloween.

And currently? Well, projects for school. In addition to the new ones, I have to finish the workbooks and final photos for all the old ones. Its all due December 13th - I've really got to put my nose to the grindstone at this point. I also have UCAS applications to do (I'll do a post over that later). Heath will be here this weekend after three long weeks of not seeing each other. Then I will be heading up to Leicester on Monday to shoot the De Montfort Contour Fashion show, and running back down to London on Wednesday to make it to the ExCel UCAS Fair. Busy busy busy!

Oh, PS, I saw my first fox.

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