Saturday, August 14, 2010

New House

Things are happening very fast! It's all rather exciting.

I was supposed to be moving in with Mia in Wood Green, but she wanted to find a house for just her, me, and Tyyne, without the roommates she currently has, who are apparently a bit of a nightmare. To her endless credit, she got out there
and searched, and she has found a new place! It is a 3-bedroom house in Stratford, with a nice old landlady who is being very accommodating to us. Tyyne is unsure how long she will be living with us, but the landlady said that it's ok, we only pay for the bedrooms we inhabit.

I will be getting the mid-sized bedroom, and believe me when I say I already have this thing fully decorated in my head. I am so, so pumped about getting there and nest-building.

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